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Report Management

Make informed decisions with the help of professional data & reporting management

SKIDATA Report Management offers you:

  • Generation and analysis of data to get to know your customers better
  • Mobile access to management data for a quick overview anytime, anywhere
  • Consolidated and detailed information and reports on single or multiple facilities
  • Efficient control over your business and detailed analysis of your data

Meaningful reporting

SKIDATA makes smart tools available to you to manage your business perfectly and to achieve targeted development. The reporting solutions give you access to all your data such as turnover, number of parking customers, etc. - and not only from a single parking garage but you get detailed information from single or multiple facilities. In this way, the management and centralized reporting of all your parking garages is possible. Make use of this data to understand how to improve the quality of your operations and therefore increase your sales, as well as for your internal auditing. From the collected data you can also generate information which will help you, for example, to analyze customer behavior and use the results to steer the development of customized products.

SKIDATA reporting

  • access to all data
  • detailed information of a single facility or multiple facilities
  • centralized reporting

Mobile reporting

Compare business metrics in a summarized, structured report with clear graphics. You always stay mobile: all you need is a web browser to establish a secure connection to your management data - anytime, anywhere. This ensures that even on the go, you are always well informed and capable of intervening at any time.

SKIDATA reports

  • structured report with clear graphics
  • anytime and anywhere

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SKIDATA Report Management Solutions: