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Airport Parking Management

Stress-Free Travel Starts with Parking

"Smooth travel" is the magic word. Arrive with your car at the airport, park conveniently and then straight onto the plane. SKIDATA offers many elegant service possibilities surrounding parking lot management at airports. Customers can make reservations and payments for parking spots online and, thanks to SKIDATA services, can quickly and conveniently find their space in the parking garage.

By enabling customers to check in promptly at parking facilities, you can increase throughput and ensure that air travelers are happy and relaxed. With SKIDATA you can count on years of experience with airports of any size – from regional to international airports such as Hong Kong or London Heathrow.

The SKIDATA Solution

Modern airport parking management

  • Stress-free and convenient parking for your customers
  • Revenue maximization using e-commerce options such as booking and reservation platforms
  • Target group-adjusted marketing using reports and analyses of passenger behavior
  • Efficient and cheap operation due to the highest level of reliability
  • Easy integration into airport systems and structures
  • Use of various data carriers such as customer loyalty cards by airlines
  • Integration of frequent flyer programs
  • Renumeration solutions for purchases in airport shopping areas
  • Additional services such as security parking or the charging of electronic cars

Car parking solutions your customers can count on!

At a Glance

Information about car parking management and access control solutions at airports for download.


Confins International Airport


  • Online reservation for parking spaces
  • Parking guidance and license plate recognition system
  • 500 parking spaces

Salzburg Airport, Austria


  • Online reservation for parking spaces
  • Parking guidance and license plate recognition system
  • Handicapped-accessible cash machines
  • 10-year maintenance contract

Aeropuerto Internacional de Carrasco (Uruguay)


  • Cameras und video cameras
  • Electronic toll readers
  • Automatic connection to the tax revenue authority DGI
  • Handling of various types of frequent user profiles (subscribers)

Kempegowda International Airport, Bengaluru (India)


  • 11 entrances and 10 exits allow each parking customer a smooth and comfortable access to a parking space
  • 1,600 parking spaces for cars as well as 200 parking spaces for bikes

Verona Airport (Italy)


  • Online reservation services sweb.Reserve B2C and sweb.Reserve B2B 
  • Customers can easily book parking spaces
  • Option to register and reuse information for fast reservations
  • Sale of free parking spaces via resident businesses, travel companies or other middlemen

Madrid-Barajas (Spain)


  • Independent monitoring of the 4 parking areas
  • Long-term ticket management
  • Reservation system
  • Integration of the hands-free system TagMaster

Abu Dhabi (UAE)


  • Integration of individual parking space monitoring and license plate detection
  • Centralized monitoring and VoIP intercom
  • Automated pay machines using bill recycling
  • Integration of AMV credit card solutions

Amsterdam Schiphol (Netherlands)


  • 25,000 parking spaces
  • Acceptance of “Previum” cards for VIP customers
  • Online reservation of parking spaces
  • License plate recording for increased security and abuse prevention
  • Entrance and exit with credit card possible

Vienna - Schwechat (Austria)


  • More than 22,000 parking spaces
  • Central control station with the integration of parking system, audio and video
  • Integration of customer and employee passes
  • Flexibly integrable validation solutions
  • Accepts a number of different data carriers

Munich (Germany)


  • 34,000 parking spaces / 66 parking grounds
  • Online reservation of parking spaces 
  • Multilevel cab system
  • Integration of additional services such as security packages, XXL parking
  • Single parking space surveillance
  • Efficient management using a central control and administration system for all car parks

Hong Kong (China)


  • Leading state-of-the-art airport
  • The "Airport City" houses among other things a business park, hotels, restaurants, movie theaters and shopping centers
  • SKIDATA solution for professional parking management

Zurich (Switzerland)


  • 15,000 parking spaces
  • Complete integration of the parking system into the central IT infrastructure
  • Management of visitor terraces using the SKIDATA People Access System
  • License plate detection upon entry improves security in parking facilities