Residential Parking

Living and Parking Comfort in a Twin Pack

The demand for residential parking spaces and their professional management is increasing continuously. This is due to the fact that already more than half of the world’s population now lives in cities. That´s a good reason to give city residents secure and easy access to their parking spaces, which they use daily.

Create space for the relaxed arrival of your tenants and apartment owners. They can conveniently park at home using a hands-free access media day-by-day. Residents can enjoy pure, keyless comfort.

The SKIDATA Solution

Intelligent parking management

  • Attractive online solutions, focused on the management of long- and shortterm parkers
  • Time-savings through efficient online management of residents (easy registration, extension of permits and setup of IDs)
  • Optional expansion with B2C self-service platforms – your residents manage themselves online
  • Supports various hands-free access medias (e.g. SKIDATA keycards, Mifare data storage media, long-range keytags)
  • Consideration oft he existing infrastructure and supporting versatile hardware components
  • Transparent user behavior
  • Supporting of the existing infrastructure (such as roller doors)
  • Possibility to integrate residential parking in overarching city solutions

Offer convenient parking directly in front of the door.

At a Glance

Find here all information about residential parking for download.


Markthal Rotterdam (Netherlands)


  • Online-Reservation Sales Services
  • sweb.Reserve B2B/B2C
  • Eco Parking
  • Single space detection
  • License plate recognition

The Troika (Malaysia)


  • Modern car park access control system
  • All columns and barriers are equipped with all currently available illumination options to attract customer attention and to offer better visual recognition

Amsterdam (Netherlands)


  • Concept for on-street and off-street parking.
  • Initiative to reduce the number of residents parking their vehicles on the streets.
  • Solution consist of offering residents a defined time window during which they can park in the parking garages located in the city.